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[notification type="notification_mark" ]Karaoke System[/notification]
[one_third]system1 293x300 Equipment [/one_third] [one_third]system3 240x300 Equipment [/one_third] [one_third last=last] system2 242x300 Equipment[/one_third]

[notification type="notification_info" ]How to Operate Healsonic Karaoke Player With Vocopro Amplifier[/notification]

1: Power Cables

Connect the power cables to the monitor, karaoke player and amplifier. Then plug the power cables into power sockets.

[highlight] Power Cable for Amplifier[/highlight]

[one_third] karaoke system9 300x238 Equipment[/one_third] [one_third]karaoke system1 300x238 Equipment [/one_third] [one_third last=last] [/one_third]

2: Speaker Cables

Connect the speaker cables from the amplifier to the speakers. Make sure the plus signs (red wires) go into the plus terminals in red on the amplifier. Also, make sure the right wire goes into the right terminal and the left wire goes into the left terminal on the amplifier.

speaker cables new 281x300 Equipment

3: Karaoke Player and Monitor

Connect the karaoke player to the screen or monitor through the converter. If using an RCA Cable, connect from “Video Out” on the video converter to “Video In” on the screen or monitor. If using a VGA Cable, connect from VGA Out on the video converter to VGA port on the screen or monitor.

[one_third][highlight] VGA Cable[/highlight][/one_third][one_third][highlight] RCA Cable[/highlight][/one_third][one_third last=last][highlight] Video Converter[/highlight][/one_third]

[one_third]karaoke system12 300x238 Equipment[/one_third][one_third]karaoke system11 300x238 Equipment

[/one_third][one_third last=last]V converter 300x126 Equipment[/one_third]

Player Video 300x169 Equipment


4: Turn on Power

First turn on the monitor, then the karaoke player and finally the amplifier. Please be patient as the karaoke player will take about 3 minutes to boot up.


5: Monitor Input

If using an RCA Single Cable for screen/monitor, set the input source to “Video” or “AV1” or “AV2” depending on your screen/monitor. For VGA, set the input source to “VGA” or “PC”.


6: Sound Source

Select sound source DVD on the amplifier for karaoke.


7: iPad (Remote Control)

Tap KJtouchR icon on the main screen. In case WiFi network is disconnected or connected to public service, go to settings > WiFi and choose;

Network:[highlight] KJR_#_2.4G[/highlight] or [highlight] KJR_#_5G[/highlight]

Pass:[highlight] 552155215521[/highlight]


Background Music

Using the Mini-Jack Cable, plug the Mini-Jack Cable into the amplifier “AUX In” or “AV1” under “Input”. Then select sound source AUX or AV1 on the amplifier.

[highlight] Mini-jack Cable[/highlight]

[one_third] karaoke system13 300x238 Equipment[/one_third] [one_third] karaoke system8 300x238 Equipment[/one_third] [one_third last=last] [/one_third]