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We've just added more than 5,000 songs to our already-massive English songs library! Click here to see what's new.

(Mar. 31, 2013)




For the third time in last four years, our equipment was prominently featured on SNL! Check out the hilarious sketch starring Mick Jagger!

(May 19, 2012)




Our karaoke equipment was featured at a very high-profile party hosted by Barneys New York during the Fashion Week. (Things provided by us were karaoke player, projector and wireless microphones.) As evidenced by the footage above, karaoke is perfect for any occasion. So why not rent karaoke for your next big party? Click here and start planning!

(Sep 12th, 2011)




Since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11, Karaoke Champ has been contributing to the relief effort by donating 10% of its rental revenue to JANET. We thank everyone who rented the karaoke equipment from us in the past month. We will continue to make donations, so rent karaoke from us and let's help Japan together!

(Apr 11th, 2011)




Visit one of our affiliated karaoke venues and get this cool wristband when you make donations to the relief fund! You can get them at following venues:

<New York City>

Karaoke Shout

Karaoke Top Tunes

Sing Sing Karaoke (St. Marks & Avenue A)

<Los Angeles>

Max Karaoke Studios (Downtown, West LA, Torrance)

So come out and enjoy karaoke, and help Japan at the same time!

(Apr 11th, 2011)



"iPad + Karaoke", the newest experiences you've never had before.

We're proud of introducing our newly developed and the 1st in the
world Karaoke song requesting system, called "KJ touch R for iPad".

As you see in the movie, you can;

-Search your song "by language", "from new songs", by artist", "by
title", and "from history" which shows the songs that have sung by
someone lately.
-Request the song you found out.
-Pause, restart and stop the song which is playing.
-Change the key tones.
-Rearrange the requested song orders (queues) with drag & drop.
-Request your song with song number by using 'Num pad" screen.

You don't have to flick the fat and heavy song books any more. All you have to do is, "touch and sing"! You must love it!
You'll be able to use this incredible karaoke tool in our venue, Karaoke Shout in Astoria, NY by the end of this month.

Can't wait? Me, too.

<June 15th, 2010>


Karaoke Champ News

"After school KARAOKE program, with NY de Volunteer"

Introduction of Japanese Culture through Karaoke to American Children

Article on Shuukan New York Seikatsu (2/6)
Title: Introduction of Japanese Culture through Karaoke to American Children

NY de Volunteer (Executive Director, Noriko Hino), the non-profit organization which contributes social action programs and promotion of mutual cultural understanding between the U.S. and Japan held a Karaoke event for children age 6 to 13 at the Jackie Robinson Recreational Center in Manhattan with collaboration of President Mike Kida of Karaoke Champ.

The event setup was modeled after the most popular American TV show, “American Idol,” which sparked a Karaoke boom in the U.S. 15 people volunteered to provide direction for about 50 children who were mostly Hispanic and Afro-American. The children formed groups and chose songs they wanted to sing. Groups competed to show expression and teamwork. Beyonce’s and Michel Jackson’s songs were the most popular ones chosen. After a practice period, the groups presented their songs. The competition was aimed at forming teamwork, which is one of the most important virtues in Japan. During the presentation, even quiet, introverted children transformed into great entertainers once the music started. The Japanese volunteers were blown away with the children’s sense of rhythm that may have been developed by their exposure to more rhythmical western music. Contact info: Tel: (212) 932-7208, email: noriko@nydevolunteer.org

(photo caption) American Children sing with enthusiasm at the Japanese cultural introduction Karaoke event.

(Mar. 2nd, 2010)


<"Karaoke SHOUT" Grand Opening in ASTORIA, NY>

W We're very proud of introducing this newest Karaoke Party Place we've produced in the Heart of Astoria, NY! "Karaoke SHOUT" has 16 private rooms (3-15person) and 1 party room (max 30 person) for all occasion. Each room has high quality of audio and visual devices, and easy-to-navigate touch panel controller. A gigantic 120,000 of song list in multi-language never get you bored. And quench your thirst, amuse your taste buds, then you can find the delights of Karaoke all-in-one place!! Check out the website: www.karaokeshout.com

(Dec 12th, 2009)



<More reasons to rock yourself out at karaoke!!!>

stressed lately? Well then, check these videos out!!!


 if your reaction is similar to these...

then you are like the rest of us workaholics, unemployed, bored, or whatever! 

Put a smile on your face, come sing and dance!  You’ll be surprised!  At least your friends will!

Thank you, T-mo! This is the power of Karaoke!!!

(May 5th, 2009)



<Scientists claim: karaoke nights out are good for your health!>

Interesting! Recently, not only the recreation therapist of NYS Psychiatric Institute, but also the Japanese scientists who found drinking and singing with friends helped reduce heart disease and strokes, have claimed the karaoke nights out are good for your health.

According to researches, the Professor recommended karaoke bars as one way for business persons to cope with stress. "Singers use deep breathing, which is good for the nervous system", he said. "After singing, they usually receive applause. It is a good kind of social support, and helps in the face of adverse occasions or stressful events."

Briefly, Karaoke and drinking with your friend will make you healty, more and more. What a smashing idea.

(March 19, 2009)




<oVER 600 songs requested by you just added!>

At last, annual major-updating of karaoke song library is done! Here's the link to the list of added songs, based on past requests posted in our forum:


The list of songs could be found in the "By Popular Demand" section of the "New Songs" folder/binder.
We hope you'll enjoy these songs! If you have any requests for future updates, please post them in our forum.

(February 20, 2009)



<best of "citysearch" / "best karaoke 2008" went to...our venue!>

The leading online lifestyle guide, "Citysearch" has just announced the "Best Of Citysearch New York 2008", and one of our venue, "Sing Sing Karaoke St. Marks" was elected as the 1st place of "Best Karaoke 2008 / Editorial Winner"! We are pleasantly surprised, and we'd really like to say thank you for all of our co-workers, managers, vendors, and our very best customers who are always supporting us!

(November 25, 2008)



<Sing Karaoke and get healthy! >

Karaoke is fun! But not only that, Karaoke can make you better! Karaoke can alleviate your stress! Singing Karaoke is good exercise! So good for your diet! Sing Karaoke and make Karaoke friends!

  • Karaoke can alleviate your stress!
  • Singing Karaoke is good exercise! So good for your diet!
  • Sing Karaoke and make Karaoke friends!

"It has been my observation that for many of the patients that we treat, people who are withdrawn and have low self-esteem and low self-confidence, they somehow find the courage to sing karaoke. Maybe it's the power of holding a microphone, maybe it is because this is supposed to be silly and fun, but many step up and are able to enjoy themselves and have a good time, and seem proud of their success."

Matt Gold, CTRS
Director, Recreation Therapy
NYS Psychiatric Institute

(October 24, 2008)



<Microsoft featured karaoke & "karaoke champ" on their ad...in the big time>

Look at the picture below. The cover story of Time Magazine was so interesting...yes, exactly, but I'm talking of the other side. Microsoft featured Karaoke Champ on their ads. As MS says, you can find out our Karaoke venues with your mobile phone at any time. Am I using Windows Mobile? ...YES, of course.

MSM ads

(May 5, 2008)



<New Karaoke Bar Just Opened in NYC/midtown!>

Check out our newest Karaoke spot, Karaoke Top Tunes! Featuring upscale bar with a stage, three large-sized private rooms and delicious food menu!

(February 14, 2008)



<New Songs Are Added Every Month!>

Most of our karaoke rental packages are updated with new songs every month. Check out the Rental Package Description and click on the package to see its full song list.