Why Karaoke is “Karaoke”? History of Karaoke

karaoke (カラオケ) is a Japanese word. It’s a blend of two words — kara (“empty”) + oke (short for “orchestra”). Karaoke is a form of entertainment where an amateur singer sings along with recorded instrumental music. Interestingly, the social conventions that evolved around this activity have changed over the years.
drakekaraoke Why Karaoke is Karaoke? History of Karaoke

The first karaoke machine was created in the ‘70s. The machines started to show up in hotels and bars. During the early days, karaoke was presented to people as a diversion that enhanced the experience of drinking and socializing. In other words, karaoke was not a main attraction, it was more of a gimmick that allowed people to have fun while ordering more drinks.

In the ‘80s, the karaoke box (カラオケボックス) business started. When this happened, people were able to convene in a small, private room. These private rooms also offered guests the option to order food and drinks from a menu. The karaoke box fundamentally changed how people understood karaoke. Karaoke became the main attraction.

The karaoke machine itself has changed a lot, too. When the karaoke machine was introduced, it was an enhanced cassette tape player. By the late ‘80s, karaoke players started using Laser Disc technology. For those of you too young to remember the Laser Disc, it was basically a DVD that was the size of a 12 inch record with less than half the memory capacity. The significance of the Laser Disc karaoke machine was important. This was the first time a karaoke singer could see lyrics on a video monitor.

In the ‘90s, 通信カラオケ tsuushin karaoke (“communication karaoke”) machines were created. These were the first machines that provided songs and videos from a remote, commercial content vendor. Before tsuushin karaoke, singers could only sing songs that were available on the tapes or Laser Discs that were physically available at a particular bar or restaurant. After tsuushin karaoke, almost any song could be requested and played through the communication system between the machine and the commercial content provider.

Another big change in the cultural history of karaoke involves the singers. In the early days, karaoke machines were placed in a common area at bars and hotels. In this context, singers performed in front of an audience that included strangers. Later, when karaoke boxes became available, singers sang in front of a smaller audience that featured only friends and acquaintances. It was still a performance however.

The latest evolution in karaoke involves ワンカラ wankara (“solo karaoke”). It is a tiny karaoke box that only serves a single person. Wankara removes the audience altogether and allows singers to sing by themselves. Apparently, people love to sing alone because wankara is becoming very popular.

As far as I know, wankara is not available in the U.S. yet, but it certainly seems appealing to me. Singing is a great stress-buster! If I can sing as loudly (and as badly) as I want without worrying about an audience, then I’m all for it! What do you think?

- See more at: http://www.livinglanguage.com/blog/2012/02/23/karaoke-a-brief-history-of-the-sing-along/#sthash.jHkrkd8g.dpuf


You feel like going to Karaoke bars tonight?? The Best Karaoke Bars in NYC

The suggestion of karaoke gets everyone’s heart pounding — whether out of excitement or pure, blind panic.

Like everything else in New York City, though, there’s a little something for every taste on the karaoke scene. Whether you want to belt out Lady Gaga under neon lights or sing a little-known ’90s indie hit with just your closest friends, you can find the right place for you on this list.
image You feel like going to Karaoke bars tonight??  The Best Karaoke Bars in NYC

Sing Sing Karaoke
A New York institution, Sing Sing should be on your city bucket list, even if karaoke isn’t really your thing. It’s the end-all, be-all of karaoke bars, where you can sing all night in private rooms or in the big open bar area. Lean toward the latter, since you’ll make more friends that way.

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Happy to go back to school karaoke!!! – Karaoke improves reading comprehension of teens with learning disabilities

april5 Happy to go back to school karaoke!!!   Karaoke improves reading comprehension of teens with learning disabilities


High school students with disabilities who participated in a karaoke-style subtitling intervention scored significantly higher in reading comprehension tests than a control group, reports the Institute of Education Sciences in a recent What Works Clearinghousereport.

Teachers in the Hawaiian study used same-language-subtitling (SLS) to encourage reading and increase student reading proficiency over a 12-week period. Teens engaged in SLS viewing/response activities for 5-20 minutes per day at the beginning of class. While viewing music videos they completed cloze-style worksheets and responded to comprehension questions.

During the last 6 weeks of the intervention, they also spent a minimum of 90 minutes per week producing subtitled multi-media files. A sample of 198 students with learning disabilities was randomly assigned to SLS classrooms and the remaining students were assigned to control classrooms. The students in the sample had reading levels ranging between a 2.2-9.4 Grade Equivalency.

To create subtitled videos, students used Karafun, a free karaoke production program, along with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.  SLS is the practice of using videos with a format similar to karaoke where students are able to hear the words being spoken or sung as they read them in subtitling. SLS uses music, poetry, audio-books or even famous speeches.

Developed by Dr. Brig Kothari, the president of PlanetRead, a non-profit organization dedicated to reading and literacy developed, same-language-subtitling was originally used with Bollywood film songs on TV to promote literacy in India. The study met WWC evidence standards “without reservations.” The strength of this study, according to WWC, is that it is a well-implemented randomized controlled trial.

Please check this website http://www.ernweb.com/educational-research-articles/karaoke-in-the-classroom/


Watch: Justin Bieber and James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Justin Bieber shows his more playful side as he drives through LA with James Corden singing karaoke and talking about girlsBieber and Corden 3315623b Watch: Justin Bieber and James Cordens Carpool Karaoke
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Too HOT outside!!! Why don’t you throw a Karaoke party inside?? Here is how to throw a Karaoke party!! ;)

146072749 XS Too HOT outside!!! Why dont you throw a Karaoke party inside??    Here is how to throw a Karaoke party!! ;)
Karaoke parties are a great way to shine the spotlight on your friends and loved ones, and hosting your own event at home is easier than you might think. Gather your friends for a singalong they’ll be sure to remember.
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No Worries, Even Celebrities Butcher Karaoke Songs


Celebrities really are just like us, especially when they sing karaoke.

If you need some inspiration for your holiday weekend escapades, just take a look at these A-list stars attempting to belt out the lyrics to their favorite tunes. Let’s just say Robert Pattinson should stick to his day job …


robert pattinson katy perry lg No Worries, Even Celebrities Butcher Karaoke Songs

Here, RPatz and Katy Perry (drunkenly) duet to Boys II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You.” Enjoy.



Wow!! They sounds so awesome!!!!7 Surprisingly Good Celebrity Singers

7 Surprisingly Good Celebrity Singers

Posted: 2 years ago by Megan K
99.99% of stars that try their hand at singing do so completely out of vanity – that’s why 99.99% of them suck big time. (Yeah, that’s right…I SAID IT. Wanna make something of it?!) Not all warbling celebs are terrible, though. Some are, well, downright…good. (NOTE: By “good,” I mean, “comparatively good,” and by “comparatively good,” I mean, “mediocre.” But it’s like my momma always used to say…“Bein’ mediocre is better than sucking big time!”)

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This Is How Drunk You Should Be Before Singing These Karaoke Songs

http://www.buzzfeed.com/annamendoza/karaoke-kween#.efP9VxA0Panigif optimized 19688 1432779625 7 This Is How Drunk You Should Be Before Singing These Karaoke Songs
“Crazy For You”, Madonna You’ve drunk enough to have the courage to go solo. So you take the mic and let Madonna say what you’ve probably been wanting to say to another person in the room.


6 Struggles Only Karaoke Enthusiasts Understand

6 Karaoke Struggles 6 Struggles Only Karaoke Enthusiasts Understand Love karaoke? And by that we mean… borderline obsessed? Is it your first suggestion for a birthday get-together? Do the karaoke hosts at your local bar know you by name… and get concerned when you don’t show up? Are you first on stage, while your friends hide in the corner slowly sipping their liquid courage?

Yep, we know the feeling.

Even if it takes you forever to browse the book and pick the perfect song to sing, it’s all worth it when you take the stage, grab the mic, and hear the roaring cheers of your fans (er, friends).

If you know your local karaoke spot’s song catalog by heart, karaoke isn’t just a late-night whim for you. It’s a hobby that unleashes the natural performer inside you, daring you to take risks and win over crowds. If you’re a karaoke enthusiast like us, we bet you can relate to these six struggles…




Enjoy cool Music with your friend and family!! Free Summer Concerts in NYC!!!! http://www.nycgovparks.org/events/free_summer_concerts

misic Enjoy cool Music with your friend and family!! Free Summer Concerts in NYC!!!!   http://www.nycgovparks.org/events/free summer concerts

Musicians from around the world are coming to New York’s parks to perform. Rock, folk, jazz, classical, world—no matter what your style is, there’s a performance for you.