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We understand that renting a karaoke system for the first time can be confusing. That’s why customer support is so important. Our technicians will explain every detail of our machines until you feel like an expert. Not sure what system you need? Come to our office for a free trial of any of our machines. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Song Search

Looking for a special song? We have a catalogue of more than 25,000 songs in 15 different languages, more than any other company. Our iPad-compatible remote system eliminates the need for bulky songbooks and makes finding your favorite song a snap.

Karaoke Chart

Only Karaoke Champ provides its customers with national karaoke ranking data. Our charts let you know about the most popular karaoke songs in the country. If you can’t decide on a song, see what your fellow Americans are singing. You might find your new go-to karaoke song.

One day rental

One Day Rental

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Monthly Rental

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20-year History

20 years of experience karaoke rental Customer Support peace of mind

25,000 Or More Songs

25000 or more tracks, music 15 languages ​​support! Song of your choice you will find always!

Karaoke National Chart

Karaoke National chart only karaoke Champ! It can be seen at a glance is epidemic in the United States!




Finding your perfect song has never been easier than with the #Healsonic app. No more searching endl...